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A stable and proven ecommerce platform

- Open Source License GPL v3
- Community driven
- PHP 8.1 & Symfony Framework - B2C & B2B viable

What IS O3-Shop

O3-Shop is a community-driven fork of the last GPL based OXID eShop Community Edition.

Long Term Support

Updates, new functions, and for sure, security patches.

100% Open Source and Free

The whole system is and will be licenced under the GPL V3.

Made with Love

in our free time

Sharing is Caring

You have hundreds of modules hidden in your desk drawer.

Don't hide yourself

Be part of the community. Ask. Help. Discuss. Commit. - You are welcome!

Who are the People behind?

Founder xt:Commerce


Founder OXID


20 years OXID Partner


former head R&D and Support & member of the OXID management

... and many more
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What are my advantages? Why should I switch?

We value transparency and community involvement in development. Every developer is welcome to contribute to the core or modules in our github.

Our goal is to run O3-Shop as a community project and provide agencies and developers with a stable and powerful development platform.

We are open for any help with development and suggestions for the roadmap to create the best on premise open source solution in DACH. 

We integrate improvements directly from the community, so if you have any bugs to fix or improvements to make – submit a PR. After a review, your PR will be used to improve O3-Shop in a new version.

O3-Shop has the chance to become a leading open source platform again, developed and supported solely by the community, taking care of the community’s and agencie’s needs. That is one of the ideas of starting this project and sharing it with the world.

The team behind O3-Shop has a wealth of experience in developing ecommerce software for the German market. With the initial founder of OXID eSales and the founder of xt:Commerce on the team, together we have brought over 200,000 merchants online in the last 20 years. We are now putting all this experience into the development of O3 Shop.

Let’s make German open source ecommerce great again!

The goal of O3-Shop is to cover all the current requirements of a merchant in an open source solution and to provide a stable and high-performance B2C & B2B platform without hidden costs or compulsory fees.

O3-Shop is further developed by the community and accompanied by a consortium of partners and ecommerce experts to ensure code quality and stability.

Our first release candidate (v 1.0.0) allows a relatively easy transition from 6.4.3 (CE) to O3-Shop v1.0.0.

Stay tuned for detailed instructions or join our community for a discussion.

If you pay anything, then only to a service provider for comprehensible programming services commissioned by you, the software itself is open source and without hidden costs.

The current version is a pre-release version. It is more or less indentical to version 6.4.3 Community Edition of the original software. Why? So that there is a clear migration path to O3. Many new features are just waiting to be integrated. Which are these? The community decides, so all – also you.

Not directly with us. You will find a LINK here into the community, which can provide exactly the partner you need.

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